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Monday, 05 September 2005



Hey, welcome back!

I was wondering if you had dropped off the map, or if the USAF was just taking up too darn much of your time. You might like the most recent post at my place; it's on the BRAC Commission and their recent decisions regarding the USAF (I especially thought the Cannon AFB one was a doozy). Also, you might be interested in knowing that I'm now a Cadet of AFROTC Det. 250 at Iowa State University. I suppose that means I have to start calling you sir now, right?

Air Force Voices

Thanks Mike!

The Air Force has kept me extremely busy...I had to prioritize.

Congratulations on becoming a cadet. Please keep in touch as we watch your career take off.

CDR Salamander

Welcome back! Thought you were done.

Posting on the USAF cave in to the Church of the Feminist Agnostic?


Air Force Voices

Thanks CDR Salamander.

I have lots to say about the new "CFA" religion...I hear it is spreading to all the armed forces branches...when did we become godless communists?

Anyway, it is good to be back...thanks for checking in from time to time. I have been reading your blog and like what you are saying.

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