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Friday, 13 May 2005


Mixed Humor

Here's the link to the full list:,13319,FL_bases_051305,00.html

And of course, Congress is already scrambling like cockroaches.

I was speaking to a couple Airforce guys the other day and passed along your URL to them, hopefully they'll start reading.


Anonymous MSgt

The rearrangement of aircraft units looks pretty good. Cannon getting the axe will do wonders for F-16 maintainer morale. I hope that one sticks.


I was watching and reading the local news on Friday, the day that the announcement had been made. This was an issue that I had wanted our CR organization to get involved in, since our local Air Fighter Wing was one of those in danger of being shut down - something that we knew would have a negative impact on our area.

When I was first reading the news online, I was a little confused as to whether our local base was on the closure list or not. As it turns out, it is on the BRAC "realignment" list... This is better than a complete closure, but it will cost our area jobs, and will have an adverse impact on our communities.

There may still be things that can be done... This looks like it's going to be a major issue throughout the nation, in the months ahead. Thank you for your information and commentary about this... I had not thought of this matter in that way (re: the issues you mentioned in the closing paragraphs of this entry). Any additional insight that you could provide on this subject would be appreciated... likely by many people across the country.

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