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Thursday, 21 April 2005


Major Mike

Nice find...MM

Lynette Schurman

An interesting take on the undeserving "haves" vs the deserving "have nots". Notice, however, that the "haves" in this case are movie stars and such who are usually liberals and targeted as such. Stein could just as easily have used our captains of industry as the undeserving "haves", but in that case he'd have to have taken on the conservatives.

Consider, though, that most of these movie people "making an eight-figure wage" are, by strict economic standards, actually underpaid when you consider the money they make for the studio moguls vs the amount they're paid. Yes, many of them flaunt it, but many more subscribe to progressive causes and take a good deal of flak from the right-wing media for their trouble.

So, is Stein a conservative hack? I think so.

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