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Thursday, 07 April 2005



Thought I'd mention that I doubt the blogosphere activity in this matter had a hand in Gomery's decision, though I haven't read his ruling - it's not online yet. He always intended to review the temporary ban after each witness. That's in his original ruling on enacting the ban.

It is true that we don't a have an absolute enumerated right to not self-incriminate. However, we do have the same right in certain circumstances. An accused rights in Canada are basically the same as in America, including the right to remain silent and to not have to testify and for judges and juries to draw no conclusions from that.

We work a bit harder at protecting the jury pool because we don't filter the pool as much when selecting a jury. I think this is a good thing.

Most of the inquiry has been completely open, and really, this current testimony isn't unexpected. The media is playing it up, but the man on the street says "No kidding. What'cha think of the weather?"

This is more of the same in the proud tradition of Quebec politics as per my earlier post at

Had the governing party called an election with the ban in place, we'd all know why, and they would have lost. Badly.

I think they will lose the next election; however, unless the conservatives figure out how to be a national party and not a regional one, they won't get a majority either. And with most all of the other parties in Canada being to the left of the conservatives, well, they'd have a hard time getting anything done.

'nuff said. Gotta eat dinner.

Marc Authier

People who voted Liberal are either stupid or bastards. Don't forget it's income tax time ! Oh Canada !!

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