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Sunday, 10 April 2005


Barny Quinn

This was said 10 years ago on the net. I remember it then and I love it now! I think it was Linus Torvalds that first coined this phrase. Perhaps he was thinking of the Canadian Liberal Party?
Every political establishment rests on a specific view of the way the world works – or at least should work. To maintain their power, men must control the public's access to ideas. Those ideas that run counter to an establishment's paradigm are a threat to the system.
Never in the history of man has anything threatened the legitimacy of establishment paradigms to the extent that the Internet does. While politicians publicly anguish over naked digital ladies, it is naked digital documents that REALLY worry them.
The Internet is going to bring down all of the existing establishments. All of them rest on lies and deliberately contrived misinformation. They all rest on some version of the technique that Orwell named in Nineteen Eighty-Four: the memory hole.

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