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Friday, 18 March 2005


Major Mike

Love reading your posts! What bothers me a bit here is that someone will be wearing 6 hats. That almost ensures that the best efforts of even the most compentent person will be diluted, and hence hit a bit short. I say, widen your search for competent, knowledgeable leader types, who can get in the other five jobs and make an incremental difference over what Mr. Domingez may be able to do wearing six hats...not slamming him, but there are very competent civilians, and many competent former officers who could help carry the weight, and I believe, produce better results across the board, vice wearing out one man with six jobs. There is still a lot of selfless talent out there ready to be tapped.

Mixed Humor

Have enjoyed looking through the blog the last few weeks...nicely done. As the son of a 26 year Airforce vet, I have a special appreciation for America's aerial warriors.

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