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Saturday, 12 March 2005



I really think this "angel of mercy" is someone Brian Nichols knew. It's posted on every news channel that there's an armed and extremely dangerous man on the loose. She leaves her house in the wee hours of the morning alone to go to the store, see a man sitting in a truck outside the apt complex, come back, the man is still sitting in the truck and she doesn't try calling anyone about it. She just gets out her car, close the door, hear him close his door and "allow" herself to be "kidnapped". And the real clincher is that when she got the opportunity to escape, or to call 911, she just follows him to ditch the truck and wait for him to get in her car to return back to her apartment. I agree with another reader that they planned this to get the reward money. Just like I predicted with Susan Smith, something is not right about her demeanor, body language, and lack of eye contact.
And in reference to this ex-fiance: she's a woman scorned. It doesn't excuse what he did, but I know a woman who got upset because her boyfriend dumped her and testified (lied) that she was transporting drugs across the state line for him when she was going to Harvard. I know for a fact that this woman never graduated from high school and not only that, she was living in GA at the time and married. There were so many lies in the transcript it was unbelievable. To make a long story a little shorter, this guy was an only child busted with drugs on him who ended up getting 30 years based on her testimony. And so far they've refused to give him a retrial. He's been in jail for almost 10 years now. A man in his 20's looking at not getting out of jail until he's almost 60 because of a lying woman. Maybe if he hadn't been restrained, he possibly would have "snapped" too. Everything is not always the way it looks and women can be very conniving and vindictive when it involves relationships.

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